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Step 1: Capture
Step 1: Take a photo or screenshot of ANY curtain or sofa design that you like on our website, Facebook, or Instagram. Yes, ANY DESIGN!
Step 2: Whatsapp
Step 2: WHATSAPP the image to Mr. Lim +6012 282 0510, the curtain specialist extraordinaire.
Step 3: Answers
Step 3: We will ANSWER your questions, including HOW MUCH to custom-make the design that you like!

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Example Curtain and Sofa Designs

Screenshot anything you like and Whatsapp to Mr. Lim +6012 282 0510.

A traditional look, swags and tails are more so for decoration rather than shielding light. They really do make the window frame classy.

Check out this classy bay window, which consists of three windows and curtains on curtain rods seamlessly mounted on an angle, thanks to bay window brackets.

The thing about custom-made sofas is that whatever taste you have, we can fit it into your living room, big or small.

Want a romantic matching design of curtains, blinds, sofas, and bed sheets? Let us know what you like in this photo: Floral designs, roman blinds paired with curtains, complete with an ottoman near the bed.

Want customised curtains or sofas? Whatsapp now to Mr. Lim +6012 282 0510

If you want us to loop drapes over a outdoor poster canopy, that’s no big deal for us.

We are skilled at custom-making blinds. If you have enough space, you may use a thicker blind (35mm). If not, just use the thinner blind (25mm) instead.

LMH provides day and night curtains on double tracks behind cornices. Day curtains, known as sheers, allow sunlight to come in whilst protecting privacy. Night curtains black out all external light source and make for an ideal sleeping environment. ?:Isobelmckenzie

We are able to take inspiration from the UK luxury sofa brand Chesterfield and customize the design to suit your taste and needs.

Want customised curtains or sofas? Whatsapp now to Mr. Lim +6012 282 0510

These day curtains with a hint of beige are a sheer delight as they hang from a rod and provide privacy control to this beautiful holiday home.

These soothing curtains with a floral design are held back by a wooden rosette as they reveal the beautiful outdoor scenery. ?:Ben30

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